Collège des Enseignants en Radiologie de France

The CERF is an association that unites and represents all professors of radiology and medical imaging in France. Its missions are to provide initial training to all radiology students in France (1300 students), and to support and participate in research in radiology and medical imaging.

It is a member of the CHAIMELEON project consortium.

Role of institution in the project

The CERF is involved in 3 Work Packages (WP) whose main themes are: governance, legal and ethical, support to data provider engagement.


– WP2 : Engagement and Liaison of Data Providers :

T2.1 Engagement et analyse des besoins

T2.2 Training and evangelisation

– WP3 : Ethical and Legal Aspects

T3.1 Legal compliance

T3.2 Ethical compliance

T3.3 Stakeholder engagement and regulatory dialogue 

– WP4  Governance and Implementation of the Central Hub

T4.1 Central Hub Governance Operational framework

Sébastien Mulé

Sébastien Mulé graduated with both an engineer degree in biomedical engineering (National school of electrical engineering and applications, Cergy, France) and a Master of Science degree in signal and image processing (Paris-Est Creteil University) in 2004. He was then graduated from Reims University School of Medicine in Radiology in 2017 and carried out his residency in Créteil. Sébastien Mulé is Associate Professor of Radiology at Henri Mondor University hospital, Créteil, since 2020. Sébastien Mulé's major interests include oncologic imaging – mainly hepatobiliary oncology and Hematologic malignancies. He has a special interest for optimization of instrumentation in MRI and in hybrid PET/MRI. He aimed at identifying diagnostic and prognostic imaging biomarkers in oncological diseases using instrumentation optimization or artificial intelligence resources. He is member of the French college of radiology (CERF) since 2020, member of board of the French Abdominal and Digestive Imaging Society (SIAD) since 2021, and member of board of the French Society of Radiology (SFR) since 2023.

Prof. Jean-Paul Beregi

Prof Beregi graduated from Lille University School of Medicine in Cardiology and Radiology. He carried out his residency in Paris (starting in 1982) and then in Lille since 1988. He became Professor of Radiology in 2000, chairing the cardiovascular department of Radiology. He is member of various national and international societies, including the CIRSE who he is fellowship. Professor Beregi's major interests include renal imaging and intervention, aortic dissection, thoracic stentgraft and all new vascular interventional technologies. Since 1st September of 2010, he became Chairman of the Department of Radiology, CHU de Nîmes, Faculté de Médecine de Montpellier-Nîmes. He has a lot of associative and position into non-profit association or institutions. He was elected at the presidency of the French college of radiology (CERF), 2021-2024 and elected as a member of the National University Comity of Radiology (CNU 43.02) 2019-2025. He is also Vice-President of the French Society of Radiology (SFR) for Quality, 2019-present. He is also very active with High Autority of Health (HAS) as member of the CNEDIMTS for 3 years (2015-2018) and as member of the national commission for Quality (Accréditation des équipes).

Mathilde Cavalier

Mathilde Cavalier has a PhD in law (2016, La propriété des données de santé). She worked for 10 years at the French Chamber of pharmacists (Conseil National de l'Ordre des Pharmaciens) and was in charge of one of the largest digital health records in Europe, the Pharmaceutical record (Dossier Pharmaceutique) : 50 million records, 100% of pharmacies connected to the system, 400 hospitals, ...). She has been Director of Studies, Strategy and Funding at CERF since the end of 2020 and is responsible for the management of research projects in which CERF is involved.

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