Building a Data-Driven Future for Cancer Care

Cancer Image Europe is pioneering a pan-European federated infrastructure for cancer images, fueling AI innovations

Cancer Image Europe provides a robust, trustworthy platform for researchers, clinicians, and innovators to access diverse cancer images, enabling the benchmarking, testing, and piloting of AI-driven technologies.

By connecting high-quality cancer image data and AI experts, Cancer Image Europe facilitates collaboration and accelerates the development of cutting-edge solutions for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Accelerating Innovations in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Federated Research Infrastructure

EUCAIM aims to build a pan-European federated infrastructure for cancer images, connecting top cancer research institutions and making diverse cancer images available to researchers, clinicians, and innovators.

Artificial Intelligence Innovations

By providing access to a vast collection of cancer images, EUCAIM enables the development, benchmarking, testing, and piloting of AI-based technologies for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Collaboration and Exchange

EUCAIM seeks to enhance collaboration between cancer research institutions, AI experts, and industry stakeholders to accelerate the development of cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment solutions.

Improved Outcomes for Cancer Patients

The ultimate objective of the EUCAIM project is to empower the next generation of cancer diagnostics and treatments, leading to improved patient outcomes and transforming cancer care across Europe.

The Cancer Image Europe platform is unique because it will foster the transition from research into clinical practice

To support research and development of new AI tools for cancer and ensure a seamless transition into clinical practice, we have divided our work plan into eight distinct work packages. These work packages cover diverse aspects such as data collection, infrastructure development, AI model evaluation, and dissemination, all of which are designed to facilitate effective collaboration, innovation, and the ultimate integration of these advancements into clinical practice across the cancer imaging ecosystem.

Project achievements and resources

Explore our latest scientific publications, public deliverables and reports, and innovative online tools designed to advance cancer diagnostics and treatment.



The EUCAIM Consortium

The EUCAIM consortium consist of 76 partners from 14 countries. Many partners are part of the “AI for Health Imaging” Network (AI4HI), a cluster of 5 large EU-funded projects on big data and AI in cancer imaging (CHAIMELEON, EUCANIMAGE, INCISIVE, ProCancer-I, PRIMAGE), whose data repositories EUCAIM is building on. The Consortium also involves major European Research Infrastructures, such as Euro-BioImaging, BBMRI, EATRIS and ELIXIR. Overall, in the EUCAIM consortium, public and private entities, many prestigious universities, private companies, and hospitals are represented to ensure that all of the necessary expertise are brought together for the success of EUCAIM.

We've released a first preview!

Exciting News! We're thrilled to unveil a first preview for the platform we're deploying.

This is a significant milestone in our journey and a giant leap towards realizing our vision and mission.

Read all about it in our official press release for the first platform release here, or visit the European Commission’s website for the European Cancer Imaging Initiative for more details.

We’ve also published early details on the rules for participation for the various roles within the platform, starting with Data Providers, Research Communities, Tool Providers, and Data User-Researchers.