ELIXIR unites Europe’s leading life science organisations in managing and safeguarding the increasing volume of data being generated by publicly funded research. It coordinates, integrates, and sustains bioinformatics resources across its member states and enables users in academia and industry to access services that are vital for their research.

ELIXIR coordinates and develops life science resources across Europe so that researchers can more easily find, analyse and share data, exchange expertise, and implement best practices. This makes it possible for them to gain greater insights into how living organisms work.

ELIXIR includes 22 members and one Observer, bringing together over 220 research organisations. It was founded in December 2013 and began implementing its first scientific programme in 2014.

Role of institution in the project

ELIXIR is facilitating the linkage with relevant EU level initiatives like 1+MG, EHDS, the projects implementing them (B1MG, European Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI), HealthData@EU pilot). Many of these projects are driving cancer use cases, and ELIXIR is also involved in EU cancer projects canSERV and EOSC4Cancer.

ELIXIR can provide access to genomic expertise directly or via experts in the 23 member countries and EMBL.  ELIXIR will support EUCAIM on sharing the knowledge acquired through B1MG and GDI on the design, testing, deployment and scale up of a secured federated data infrastructure based on open standards and co-developed open-source reference implementations.

Serena Scollen

Serena is the Head of Human Genomics and Translational Data at ELIXIR, the European infrastructure for bioinformatics and life-science data, based in Hinxton, UK. Her vision is to ensure data that can be shared, will be shared responsibly. She is working with scientists across Europe to establish standards and infrastructure to facilitate discoverability, access, sharing and analysis of genomics data, linked to other data types and at a scale that has not previously been achieved. Developing infrastructure will unleash new possibilities for genomics and health. Serena is the coordinator of the GDI project, a €4oM Digital Europe project and the B1MG project, a €4M EU H2020 Coordination and Support Action that are aligned with the 1+ Million Genomes Initiative. This initiative is a commitment of 24 European countries to give cross-border access to one million sequenced genomes by 2022. She is also a work package or task lead for the following projects related to health data, personalised medicine or cancer: HealthyCloud, European Health Data Space 2 pilot, EOSC4Cancer, canSERV, PROPHET. She has also been the project lead for the Innovative Medicine Initiative FAIRplus project, an €8.3M collaboration that sets out to improve data sharing and reuse in life science research.

Juan Arenas Márquez

Juan is the Head of the Project Management Office at ELIXIR, the European infrastructure for bioinformatics and life-science data, based in Hinxton, UK. With a computer Science background, he worked at Accenture for twelve years, leading ICT projects for global leaders in their market and contributing to establishing the Spain Delivery centre in Malaga. While running his own SME providing ICT and project management services, he participated in startups and research projects with the University of Malaga and University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) before taking on a CTO position for the University of Sheffield, leading ICT components of biomedical imaging research projects on dementia (DARE@IT) and musculoskeletal domains (MySpine) as well as in the technical development of generic federated cloud infrastructure for researchers across fields (VPH-SARE). Since joining ELIXIR, he has acted as Head of PMO and Financial Manager, contributing to growing the ELIXIR Portfolio from €40M to €340M (ELIXIR-EXCELERATE, ELIXIR-CONVERGE, EOSC-LIFE, EJP-RD, FAIRplus, BY-COVID,...). Among them, he has contributed to developing the B1MG (CSA) and the European Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI) projects, where he will support the development, rollout and operations of the 1+MG infrastructure across +20 countries.

Daniel Barrowdale

Daniel is the scientific officer for cancer at the ELIXIR, the European infrastructure for bioinformatics and life-science data, based in Hinxton, UK.. His role is to coordinate cancer related research infrastructure projects within the Human Genomics and Translational Data (HGTD) team. His work involves developing and delivering a cohesive plan to enable sustainable secure cross-border access (federation) to sensitive human health data. Daniel is heavily involved in two large scale cancer projects in particular, canServ and EOSC4Cancer. canSERV is an EU-funded project under the Horizon Europe programme that provides cutting edge, interdisciplinary and customised oncology services across the entire cancer continuum. The aim is to offer a comprehensive portfolio of oncology-related research services available to scientists. EOSC4Cancer will make diverse types of cancer data accessible: genomics, imaging, medical, clinical, environmental and socio-economic. It will use and enhance federated and interoperable systems for securely identifying, sharing, processing and reusing FAIR data across borders and offer them via community-driven analysis environments.

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