Hellenic Cancer Society

Hellenic Cancer Society (HCS) was founded in 1958, as a non-profit organization, by eminent fellow citizens, under the guidance of the great Greek scientist George Papanikolaou.

HCS operates at least 54 branches throughout Greece in order to inform the general population, to promote prevention and early cancer detection, to provide psychosocial support to cancer patients and their caregivers, to contribute to scientific research and health care professionals’ education.

During the last 65 years, HCS has contributed to the creation and operation of most Greek Oncological Hospitals and Day – Care Centers for cancer patients. HCS’ branches provide free medical screening, counselling and health educational programs, while its two Mobile Mammography Units and its Mobile Pap Test Unit reach out to the most remote and underdeveloped areas.

Hellenic Cancer Society participates to major EU and national funded research projects (HORIZON, EU4HEALTH) focusing to a wide range of subjects such digital images repositories, lung cancer, breast cancer prevention, Joint Action for Tobacco Control and educational material for SmokeFreeGreece (1st Prize).

Last but not least, Hellenic Cancer operates a hotline and provides online counselling services to oncological patients.  Its psychologists, psychiatrists, art therapists and social workers provide specialized support to children, adolescents and young adults based on the axes of psychonocology through a certified unit of Mental Health supervised by the Greek Ministry of Health.

Role of institution in the project

HCS will major contribute to WP7 which include a set of Use Cases that will demonstrate the usability and relevance of the EUCAIM platform. The Use Cases are projects that will use the data in the platform for specific research aims.

Data incorporation use cases (Open Call). It aims to demonstrate the usability for new data via Open Calls.

Platform Use Cases. A set of use cases will be defined to demonstrate and validate the platform usability.

Validation of the platform. A set of metrics will be defined to evaluate the Usability,  Correctness and other parameters through the use cases.

Prof. Panagiotis Behrakis

Professor Panagiotis Behrakis, MD, PhD (McGill) , FCCP, is a Pulmonologist-Intensivist, board certified in three specialties, Pulmonary Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine. He earned his Medical Degree from the School of Medicine of Athens University, and two PHDs, from the School of Medicine of Athens University and the Department of Experimental Medicine of McGill University in Canada. Currently, he is, the Head of the National Group of Experts on Tobacco Control in Greece and the President, of the Scientific Committee of the Hellenic Cancer Society. In the past, Prof. Behrakis has worked on National Health communication and Health promotion campaigns to curb smoking in Greece (Projects HEART I- HEART II and two ESPA grants). Moreover, he has served as Principal Investigator in several European Projects such as: EUREST, DIRECT, PRESICE and TOB-G. In addition, he was the Project Coordinator of the Joint Action for Tobacco Control funded by the European Commission and focal point of WHO (World Tobacco Organization) for Tobacco Control in Greece. Prof.Behrakis is author to more than 150 full scientific papers published in international journals and has made more than 30 contributions to books or monographs with over 4500 citations.

Dr. Dimitrios Nasikas

Dr. Dimitrios Nasikas is a General Surgeon in Athens. He is a graduate of the Department of Medicine of the University of Crete and holds a Master's and Doctorate Degree from the same University. He also holds postgraduate diplomas in Surgical Oncology from the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and in Health Unit Management from the National School of Public Health. He specialized in General Surgery at G. Gennimatas General Hospital, Agios Savvas Cancer Center, and Stanford University in California, USA. Today he is an active breast surgeon and a member of the Hellenic Cancer Society.

Dr. Eirini Georgiou

Dr. Eirini Georgiou, MD, MSc, she is working as a Director of Breast Imaging Department in Oncologic Hospital of Athens “St. Savvas”. She is a Board member of HBIS (Hellenic Breast Imaging Society) and Deputy Head of the Breast Section of the Hellenic Society of Radiology. She is also a member of ESR (European Society of Radiology), EUSOBI (European Society of Breast Imaging), RSNA (Radiology Society of North America) and CIRSE (Cardiovascular International Radiologic Society of Europe) She graduated Medical School, University of Bologna, Italy. Holds a title in Diagnostic Radiology, University of Athens, a MSc in Interventional Procedures of Breast Imaging, Scuola Italiana di Senologia, Istituto Europeo Oncologico di Milano “U. Veronesi” and a MSc in Management of Hellenic National Health System Services, Hellenic Open University. She has 16 publications in international scientific journals, more than 60 announcements to international scientific conferences and more than 40 lectures as invited speaker to scientific conferences.

Konstantinos Xythalis

Konstantinos Xythalis, is an I.T. Administrator and Computer Technician of HCS (Hellenic Cancer Society). His previous significant work experience, was in a medical informatics company, by installing the medical program and databases in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and individuals. He knows how to create and maintain networks, operating systems and databases (SQL Server & Oracle Database). In HCS, in addition to technical support, he created, designed, enriched the content and constantly maintains the official websites of HCS (cancerhellas.org, stopkapnisma.gr, ariadniproject.gr) and their promotion on social networks with campaigns, by creating graphic brochures and advertising clips for the TV. He is the creator of the HCS WebTV studio with Youtube videos, created HCS member database and the HCS mammogram database.

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