MATICAL is a multi-disciplinary organization with more than 15 years of experience providing partnership management for large multidisciplinary projects in the research and innovation fields. MATICAL helps start-up companies, entrepreneurs, universities and research centers shape their R&D exploitation strategy, supporting them also in public and private fundraising processes.

MATICAL’s focus is on the future sustainability of R&D projects, evaluating the potential of their results, both marketable (new technologies, methods, processes, designs) and non-marketable (FAIR data collections), and planning their road-to-market and/or ways towards a long-term contribution to secondary research.

The area of health is where MATICAL has its main focus. MATICAL works with the most relevant actors in the EU health area, including the largest health research institutes, hospitals, public authorities, regulatory bodies, research infrastructures and industry. This includes the new generation of EU biotech companies where Health Data is key, from precision medicine and new drugs discovery to AI-based therapies for cancer and rare diseases. MATICAL supports leading EU biotech enterprises and technology transfer offices in assessing the impact and value of their innovations, carrying out cost-benefit assessments and designing go-to-market strategies for their novel medical devices and related technologies.

Main capabilities relevant to EUCAIM:


MATICAL offers a holistic approach, bringing in sustainability-by-design concepts at the initial developmental phases of any project, creating synergies with existing initiatives and finding additional financing, all through the project duration. MATICAL is working on projects related to health data of different types (EHR, imaging, omics, patient reported, remotely monitored) helping clear their way to re-use, valuation and exploitation, both in economic and research terms. MATICAL takes the lead in the writing of the project’s sustainability agreement(s), data sharing agreements,

Regarding business modelling, MATICAL can:

– Identify the key exploitable results of a project from a business perspective.

– Propose IPR protection and exploitation strategies.

– Conceptualize appropriate business models, defining the time-to-market, required resources, investments, alliances, and potential revenue streams (public, private, donations, in-kind). Based on co-creation methodologies, involving all the project partners and key stakeholders of the value chain.

– Provide fully documented business plans.

– Provide fully documented financial planning and financial projections.

– Design a PITCH Desk for a product/result/spin-out coming from a project, seeking the investment readiness for the future venture.

– Identify and contact potential investors, further funding opportunities and buyers.


MATICAL carries out studies on the potential impact of results of health R&D projects, including preliminary/prospective health technology assessments (HTA) on Social, Economic, Regulatory, Ethical and Research aspects. MATICAL combines participatory and analytical inputs (considering both the available data and statistics; early project’s results, and the direct input from involved stakeholders -citizens, researchers, technologists, clinicians, regulatory bodies, public authorities….in each specific case) with transnational and networked data. This allows for the involvement of multiple types of institutions from the private, public and civil society sectors, providing opportunities for participation by a broader set of stakeholders and a cross-border approach.

Role of institution in the project

MATICAL is co-leader of WP8 (Sustainability) and a member of the Project Coordination Team. 

In WP8, MATICAL leads the definition of the future EUCAIM business model (BM) and its complete Financial Plan (FP). The BM task foresees the initial definition of all the BM components and their testing during the last phase of the project. A co-creation approach will be taken during this task. Different interviews with representatives from the main customer segments identified in EUCAIM are planned. The FP task foresees the creation of a complete financial plan for the future research infrastructure.

Mario Aznar

Mario Aznar has more than 15 years of professional experience in strategic innovation, financing of R&D projects and international project management, with a focus on large international R&D projects involving international innovation management. Strong management, communication, and analytical skills. Previous to MATICAL, he developed his career as international project coordinator and manager in large international companies (Randstad, Elsevier) and has worked as external innovation consultant for some of the biggest global consultancy companies. He has been involved also in the management of large international R&D and innovation, in a variety of sciences, technologies and industries, including: Health, Advanced Computing (Blockchain, AI, Big data, etc.), Renewable and green energy, industry 4.0 and smart cities, requiring large budgets and number of partners, as well as complex IPR agreements.

Amelia Suarez

Amelia Suarez has a PhD in Physics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid- CSIC (2004). She began her professional career as a technology analyst at the London Technology Network (spin-off of the London Business School), later working for the Fundación Madrid and as R&D Director at Socinser, an SME in the bone transplant sector. In 2013 she co-founded Wetech, a technology start-up in the wearable technologies sector. From 2010 to the present, Amelia has been working as a senior R&D consultant, specialized in health technologies and health data projects involving the use of AI and advanced computing technologies. She also has experience in technological entrepreneurship and innovation dissemination actions (author of "España Lean Startup ELS2015", TEDx speaker) and is author or co-author of 20 publications in international journals.

Clara Barquin

Clara Barquin is a Lawyer specialising in the legal regime of foundations, public procurement and drafting agreements with third parties in the field of research. Postgraduate degree in Public Procurement. Master in Health Law and Biomedicine - Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Master thesis: “Public procurement in the field of biomedical research”. Previous to MATICAL, she worked for 6 years as Head of the Legal and Public Procurement Department for the Andalusian Public Foundation for research in biomedicine and health. In charge of reviewing and drafting contracts and collaboration agreements in the field of biomedical research: basic research projects, clinical trials, European projects. Drafting of the bases for calls for internal grants for research projects. Design, implementation and evaluation of public procurement and tendering programmes.

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