National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden

NBIS (National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden) is a distributed national research infrastructure that provides excellence in bioinformatics support to researchers in Sweden, enabling world-class life science by offering support, infrastructure and advanced training. NBIS is hosted by Uppsala University and constitutes the SciLifeLab Bioinformatics platform and forms the Swedish node in ELIXIR (the European infrastructure for biological information). The organisational structure allows for changes in support needs over time as new techniques are developed and utilised.

NBIS supports both research groups not having their own bioinformatics resources and large established research groups with their own bioinformaticians needing specialised expertise. As life scientists get successively more educated in bioinformatics, the scope of NBIS will be shifted towards a focus on more advanced expertise. NBIS mission is to enable world-class life science research and maximise scientific and societal impact of collected data by:

  • Providing expert knowledge, innovative data integration, advanced training, efficient data publication for open science, and access to high-performance data analysis methods
  • Coordinating bioinformatics support within Sweden and making bioinformatics easily accessible for life science researchers
  • Swiftly responding to changes in support needs as new techniques are developed and utilised
  • Forming the Swedish ELIXIR node and participating in relevant international projects

Financial support is  provided by Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab), the Swedish Research Council, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Swedish universities, user fees, and EU and other international grants.

Role of institution in the project

NBIS is involved in WP4 and WP5, providing expertise in systems development, contributing with experiences from Bigpicture for digital pahtology and 1+MG/B1MG/GDI for genomics data. NBIS will also work with interoperability between EUCAIM and Bigpicture and GDI.

Bengt Persson

Bengt Persson, Director of NBIS (National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden), Head of Node ELIXIR-SE, Professor of bioinformatics, Science for Life Laboratory, Uppsala University. 182 publications, 15049 citations, h-index 57. Research areas: protein structural calculations of consequences of mutations, functional assignments of protein families, and gene expression in different types of heart failure.

Anna Hagwall

Anna Hagwall, Project manager in NBIS, also working in GDI (Genomic Data Infrastructure) and the European 1+MG project. Project manager of the Nordic project NeIC Heilsa Tryggvedottir on sensitive human data. Anna has 18-year experience from project management in the private sector.

Johan Viklund

Johan Viklund, CTO in NBIS and ELIXIR-SE, PhD in molecular evolution 2013, 25+ years of experience with Unix environments and programming. Engaged in international collaborations for building and customising computing infrastructure since 2014.

Jonas Hagberg

Jonas Hagberg, systems development team leader in NBIS, has also been working with high-performance computing. Engaged in multiple international systems development projects.

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