Quibim is company designing and creating pioneering tools that unlock imaging data to maximize drug programmes and improve patient outcomes. The company uses imaging modalities like MRI, CT, and PET to help detect pathologies and predict outcomes in oncology/immunotherapy, rheumatology, and neurology using an AI-first approach. The main goal is to transform imaging into actionable predictions. Real-world evidence (RWE) and biopharma partners can benefit from Quibim’s expertise in big imaging infrastructures to advance the development of AI models and gain new insights from images. Quibim creates cutting-edge quantitative imaging biomarkers to track the effectiveness of treatments and find new drugs by thoroughly analyzing disease mechanisms. The goal of Quibim is to transform imaging into a catalyst for precision health by leveraging the strength and potential of quantified imaging data and AI. The objectives of Quibim are as follows: (1) Partnering life sciences and RWE companies to develop novel evidence generation from big repositories of real-world imaging data; (2) Leading the evidence generation; and (3) Combining the solutions identified in (1) and the insights extracted in (2) to design and create best-in-class medical devices for the market. Top-tier pharmaceutical companies and Quibim collaborate to advance drug programs through imaging and address healthcare issues by creating image-based predictive AI models. With over 10 million images processed to date, the company has conducted over 50 real-world evidence studies and randomized control trials. More than 125 centers constitute the company’s hospital network. There are 80 people on the team, and the management profiles have worked for some of the top multinational companies in the medical device industry (Philips, HP, Elekta). To date, Quibim has received over €20 million in public and private funding and is a participant in 19 EU projects that have received €30 million in funding.

Role of institution in the project

For EUCAIM, Quibim will adapt its platform and provide the marketplace to meet the requirements related to the analysis, annotation and exploitation of data and third-party data transfer services through QP-Discovery®. Quibim will lead the EUCAIM Data Preprocessing tools and services contributing to the development of imaging quality control and curation.

In addition, Quibim will be in charge of the image and feature harmonization pipelines to guarantee the minimization of batch effects on the datasets used to train models in the EUCAIM infrastructure, providing tools for the harmonization of feature-based datasets.

Ángel Alberich-Bayarri

Ángel Alberich-Bayarri is a biomedical engineer, researcher and entrepreneur, father of 3. He completed his PhD on advanced MRI post-processing in the Technical University of Valencia (ES) in 2010. He is the founder of Quibim, a world recognized company designing pioneering tools that unlock imaging data to improve patient outcomes, with a focus in diagnostics and drug development. Quibim sells best-in-class products to top hospitals and creates AI models in partnership with pharmaceutical companies, accounts today for more than 70 employees and has raised more than €20m in funding from public and private entities and investors. He formerly worked as Biomedical Engineering coordinator at Quironsalud, the biggest private healthcare provider of Spain, and as the scientific-technical director of Biomedical Imaging Research Group at La Fe Polytechnics and University Hospital in Valencia. He has published more than 70 scientific papers and is editor of several books and lectures in different universities and postgraduate programmes. He is actively involved as a board member of scientific societies such as the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EUSOMII). He has received an important number of awards, including the 'MIT Innovators Under 35' recognition.

Fuensanta Bellvís Bataller

Fuensanta Bellvís Bataller is the VP of Clinical Biomarkers and Companion Diagnostics at Quibim, and a Biomedical engineer by the Polytechnics University of Valencia, specialized in the field of medical imaging. She has extensive experience in the development and management of clinical trials, observational studies and research projects. She is leading the Biopharma and Life Sciences department at Quibim with the aim of extracting new insights from images that deeply analyze disease mechanisms, advance in drug development and treatment response prediction through a tissue-agnostic and drug-centric approach.

Ana Jimenez-Pastor

Ana Jimenez-Pastor is the Head of Strategic Projects and Frontiers in AI at Quibim, and a Telecommunications and Biomedical Engineer by the Polytechnics University of Valencia. Her experience focuses on the development of novel AI approaches applied to medical imaging with special focus on image analysis and Deep Learning for the development of new predictive models for patients’ outcomes. She has published her works on medical image analysis and Machine Learning in different journals and international congresses.

Ana Blanco

Ana Blanco is the Grants and Innovation Coordinator at Quibim and a Doctor in Pharmacy, PI and post-doctoral researcher in several biomedical projects in both public and private companies, responsible for leading research departments and qualified group of technicians. She is also a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP®). She is leading the project management of EUCAIM, H2020-PRIMAGE, H2020-ChAImeleon, H2020-ProCancer-I, amongst others. Her main role is to support the team in administrative and management tasks.

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