Radiomics is a commercial stage imaging research organisation which focuses on AI powered healthcare, with a unique expertise in Radiomics, Deep Learning & Federated Learning applied to oncology and other areas.  Radiomics uses its proprietary technology to support pharma and biotech companies in all phases of clinical development to extract the maximum information from clinical trial images. 

Radiomics enables detailed therapy evaluation, quantification & sensitive prediction. Using AI, Radiomics delivers accurate & robust clinical decision support systems based on standard clinical imaging well beyond the current standards (e.g., RECIST). Radiomics leverages AI and industry leading annotation tools to ease workload and focus on high quality outputs. Moreover, Radiomics has a dedicated data annotation team in-house led by internal radiologists and an R&D team continuously working on new solutions and clinical research tools.

Using radiomics and comprehensive lesion analysis, Radiomics supports pharma companies in all stages of clinical research trials: quantifying early efficacy on a per lesion level, assessing promising indications, exploring mechanisms of action, defining responder phenotype, comparing treatment arms, balancing clinical trials, building early response prediction tools and aiming to develop image-based companion diagnostics.   

Radiomics is dedicated to the correct implementation of AI and annotation tools into clinical settings, notably within EUCAIM, to contribute to the improvement of health care trajectories for cancer patients. Radiomics will contribute to the creation of the EUCAIM business model and financial plan as well as assist in the design of data infrastructures. 

By ensuring all analyses & resources are useful for collaborators, Radiomics adapts their work to tailor analysis around client specific scientific questions.  

Role of institution in the project

Radiomics brings extensive expertise in areas such as data analysis, data management and business organisation to the EUCAIM initiative. Radiomics will work towards the creation of a comprehensive business model and a financial plan for the EUCAIM initiative, ensuring the smooth running of activities, seeking opportunities and conducting market research. 

Following years of considerable experience in the creation and development of data annotation tools, AI, Radiomics and Deep Learning, Radiomics will also support in the creation of data analysis tools, the establishment of data treatment guidelines and data analysis.

Wim Vos

Wim Vos serves as Chief Executive Officer of Radiomics and is the driver behind the company’s vision. This is based on the knowledge gained in over 15 years in different leadership roles in quantitative imaging companies. With an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from TU Delft and a PhD in Physics from the University of Antwerp, Wim exploits his strengths not only in identifying unseen opportunities but also in leading the team using strategic innovative thinking. Wim also co-founded FLUIDDA, where he led the technical development team and was responsible for the global commercial activities.  Today, as the head of Radiomics, Wim ensures the smooth running of all of Radiomics’ activities, projects and reach company objectives by drawing on team members’ strength to ensure company cohesion.

Mariaelena Occhipinti

Mariaelena Occhipinti serves as the Chief Medical Officer in Radiomics, an experienced radiologist with a subspecialty in Thoracic Imaging and expertise in quantitative imaging, Mariaelena holds an MD, PhD in Clinical Science & Pulmonology from the University of Florence. Dedicated to the rigorous development and application of our innovative technology, Mariaelena ensures the clinical validity of the results obtained from quantitative imaging, combined with the existing and the expected future clinical needs of the healthcare community. Mariaelena also ensures the appropriate quality of the data, the performance of the artificial intelligence algorithms, and guarantees the medical safety of radiomics solutions and products. Mariaelena possesses extensive experience validating quantitative imaging software solutions in clinical settings through numerous collaborations with international partners. Notably, two research fellowships in the US in The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Boston, Massachusetts) and in The Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota).

Inês Pinho

Inês Pinho (Grant Manager) is one the main drivers behind Radiomics’ grant activities. Inês focuses on identifying and coordinating relevant projects for Radiomics to expand and further develop the company’s expertise and engage in projects allowing the company to implement personalised medicine through image analysis in various clinical settings. Inês constantly works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of grant projects, including administrative tasks, the organisation of grant consortium meetings and ensuring that Radiomics surpasses expectations, meets objectives and delivers the appropriate results on time.

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